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Taxis are the go-to transportation mode for people all over the country. There are many tales about heroic cabbies coming to save the day or night. Some dub the driver’s seat of taxi cab the world’s best free theater. It is important to have great taxi cab insurance!

As many heart-warming and glorious stories out there about taxi cabs, there a few less-than desirable stories as well. That’s when taxi cab insurance by ABI comes to the rescue! We have your back no matter what.

Why Taxi Cab Insurance with ABI?

Founded in 1984, ABI Insurance services offer the experience and expertise needed in the insurance realm. With new policies and insurance guidelines coming out regularly, it is important to stay in the know about any new changes. Staying up to date in policy lingo isn’t the easiest (or most amusing) pastime – so leave it to the professionals at ABI. We are also current and up to date with the newest policies when it comes to taxi cab insurance.

ABI is also one of largest commercial transportation insurance agencies. Additionally approximately 40,000 vehicles are currently covered by ABI. You can rest assured knowing that thousands of other taxi cab owners have trusted with with insuring their vehicle or fleet. For over 35+ years we have offered top of the line customer service and knowledgeable insight into taxi cab insurance.

Furthermore, at ABI we value our client’s business and take pride in the partnerships we have curated for the past 35 years. At ABI we have designed mobile apps so you can monitor your taxi cab insurance policies anytime, anywhere. Drive confidently knowing that everything you need is at your fingertips.

Benefits of Taxi Cab Insurance from ABI:

  • Customizable to your policy needs
  • Certificate issuance available in minutes
  • Mobile apps with your policy details
  • Over 35+ years of experience
  • 40,000 vehicles insured
  • Competitive pricing

Customizable Taxi Cab Insurance

We have the experience necessary to know the field. We then pair this knowledge with top of the line technology – and we do not outsource. Our in-house programmers will work directly with you to design a custom plan to meet your individual taxi cab insurance needs. We will design a policy that covers the needs of all parties involved.

We understand the time-sensitive nature and regulatory requirements involved in operating a passenger transportation company. With a specific department dedicated to certificate issuance, we are able to have our client’s vehicles on the road within minutes of a request.

We pride ourselves on providing prompt, reliable, experienced, innovative, and competitive services and solutions to our loyal customers.

Taxi Cabs: A Brief History

The first electric taxi cab came in a fleet of 600 cars to NYC. These taxis were dubbed “hummingbirds” due to the electronic humming noise they made. The word taxicab was originally used as one work after “taximeter” the device used to keep track of distance and fare. In the 1980s computer assisted taxi cabs were dispatched to those who were in need of a cab. Nowadays passengers can order a taxi cab straight from their phone to be picked up in minutes.