Period X™ Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be covered before the devices are installed?

Yes, coverage is in place the day you sign and pay for the insurance coverage. Please plug in the OBD tracking device into your vehicles OBD port. If you choose hardwired devices, you will need to bring the vehicle(s) back in for installation once devices arrive or your installation appointment is up. Tracking devices must be installed within 30 days of the start of the policy.

Do I have to use the trackers listed on the policy? I already have my own devices.

Yes, you will need to use one of our three approved third-party devices (PassTime GPS, OneStep and Bouncie). When you add new vehicles to your policy you will need to reach out to the tracking device company to order a new device.

Is there a mileage limit?

Each vehicle covered by Period X is limited to 250 miles every month This is intended to cover the vehicle for maintenance repairs, etc.