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Insurance California Rental Car Fleet

Do you own or operate a rental car service? Are you looking to partner with a transportation network company in California? Nowadays there are multiple ways to get into this ever-growing transportation industry. The rise of ridesharing apps and on-demand delivery apps utilizing rental car fleets in recent years, has more and more entrepreneurs looking to start their own transportation companies. The proper fleet insurance is essential in getting your business off the ground.

With the ever-changing market comes the requirement of insurance policies that can accommodate the unique needs of each business. There is no one insurance policy that fits all that’s why American Business Insurance Services, Inc. is able to find you the right insurance policy for your rental car fleet based off your individual needs. Skip the hassle of comparing multiple insurance quotes based off daunting numbers and endless calls with salespersons and representatives. As an independent agency, American Business Insurance Services, Inc. has direct relationships with all insurance companies currently writing specialized policies for transportation companies such as rental car fleets.

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Different Types of Rental Car Fleets

As mentioned earlier, the barriers to enter the rental car industry is getting lower in recent years due to the growth of ridesharing apps and on-demand delivery services. More and more people are choosing to travel in vehicles not their own, as well as relying on on-demand drivers to deliver special goods. Especially in places like Los Angeles and San Francisco where traffic is really bad. The new trend of people relying on services of rental car fleets or other on-demand transportation services continues to rise. On top of that, California is by far the biggest automotive market in the United States.

In California people are more dependent on cars than public transit making California a great location to start a rental car fleet company. Whether you own a car rental company servicing travelers and businessmen, or a car dealership providing rental cars to customers, or you are simply an entrepreneur renting your own cars to other people, you will need fleet insurance to cover your company. Luckily at American Business Insurance Services, Inc. we have the connections and expertise to help you find the best insurance coverage for your rental car fleet.

Fleet Insurance – What does It Cover?

Whether your rental car fleet is working with a Transportation Network Company or on its own, the most important coverages to have for your rental car fleet are liability and physical damage. The transportation industry is a high-risk industry and it is important to have coverage for liability and physical damage. Living in California, you’ve probably seen a fair share of accidents on a daily basis on the highways. Accidents do happen, and the cold truth is the more miles your rental car fleet operates, the higher the chance that one of your drivers is involved in an incident.

In case of an incident, proper coverage for liability and collision will give you peace of mind as a business owner by knowing that your rental car fleet is protected on the road. Liability coverage is a must for rental car businesses, because it protects your fleet from potential negligence and mechanical failures.

There are coverage options that will cover all of the cars in your rental fleet, and also coverages that apply to drivers. There are policies for short-term car rentals or ones that operate on a pay-by-mile basis. That all depends on what kind of business you own and operate!

As your business grows, so does your need for more coverage. American Business Insurance Services, Inc. will help you adjust your limits accordingly to make sure you have proper coverage. Our friendly representatives will work with you and your company to fully understand your needs.

Additional Coverages For Rental Car Fleet Insurance

The number of fleet trucks, vans and SUVs on the roads in the U.S. is over 11.7 million. In Los Angeles alone, there are over 6 million vehicles in urbanized areas. The transportation sector is an ever-growing industry. As your company fleet grows, you may want to consider additional coverages such as inland marine coverage to protect any cargo or goods you are transporting.  You may also want to consider raising your liability coverage limits when you have more drivers, because the truth is the bigger your business is the more you have to lose!

Most insurance policies will cover the State’s mandated minimum insurance coverage that include liability and collision coverage. Additional coverages to consider would be roadside assistance, uninsured motorist coverage, and other coverages such as theft and vandalism. Consider the scope of your business, where you operate out of, and any special needs that you require.

Insurance in California – How Much Will It Cost

While there is no one single answer to this question, there are some indicators that will help you determine the costs of your fleet insurance plan. Typically, the more drivers and vehicles you have on your fleet, the more expensive the policy is. For example, consider the value of your vehicles – do you own a fleet of luxury European import cars? That is going to cost relatively more to maintain and fix, than say a fleet of economy cars. However, if the cars in your fleet are more likely to break down you run the risk of an increased premium. Another thing to consider is the intended use of your rental car vehicles. Are you using the fleet to transport people? That is going to cost more than  if you own a fleet of service vehicles (plumbers, electricians, etc) that are intended for special uses.

There is no single answer to how much it’s going to cost to insure your rental car fleet, but American Business Insurance Services, Inc will be able to cater to your needs and provide you with a quote in a short amount of time. Get Quote Now

How To Save Money on Rental Car Fleet Insurance

Typically to save money in a competitive insurance marketplace, you’d need to compare the different price offerings from different companies. American Business Insurance Services, Inc. differs from its competitors by its ability to work with different insurance companies writing specialized policies to provide you with a comprehensive coverage package. Located in the Los Angeles metropolitan area, American Business Insurance Services, Inc. has connections not only in California but with insurance providers nationwide. Tell us about your business, and we will do the research and get back to you with a policy that best fits your rental car fleet company.

Other ways to save on your premium is to reduce your coverage, but sometimes this wouldn’t be viable because of your business needs. While this certainly is an option for personal auto coverages, we wouldn’t recommend this for businesses like a rental car fleet. Another way to save on insurance premium is to raise your deductible amount. While this can seem like a cost-saving option in the short term, be sure that your business can pay the deductible when an incident arises.

Look into the regulations and mandated minimums in the State of California. Have an idea of what the minimum cost is going to be and know what your business is looking for. The easiest and best ways to save on an insurance policy is to combine multiple policies under the same provider and maintain a good driving record!

Get an Insurance Quote for Your Rental Car Fleet

In conclusion, you should look into fleet insurance policies if you have multiple vehicles in your transportation network company. Fleet Insurance makes managing your business and expenses easier, because no matter how many cars are in your fleet, one policy covers all! Whether you own a rental car company in California, or you’re just starting a business and looking to purchase a fleet of your own, you should purchase comprehensive insurance coverage. Tell us about your fleet company and we will help you find the best customizable insurance policy!

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