Self Driving Cars on Freeway

Autonomous Vehicle Insurance: Self-Driving Cars

I know it is hard to believe that autonomous vehicle insurance is actually a thing now, but it is and it’s only going to become more relevant as time goes on. So, when your business decides to join the self-driving car movement it will be pertinent for your vehicles to be properly covered. This is where ABI Insurance Services Inc. comes in!

ABI Insurance Services Inc.
ABI has been around since 1985, making them a veteran when it comes to insurance services. Currently, they are one of the largest providers for commercial transportation insurance in the nation with over 40,000 vehicles being covered. Although they are seasoned when it comes to insurance policies they are also well aware of the rapid growth and change within the vehicle industry. This not only makes ABI highly experienced in business vehicle insurance, but also makes them one of the most innovative and up-to-date when it comes to the latest advancements in cars.

Autonomous Vehicle Insurance
With autonomous vehicle insurance being a newer concept, it is paramount for your small or large fleet insurance to be up to par with policies. At ABI, exclusive relationships with various insurance carriers allows for policies to meet all the specific criteria for your business. This means that the agonizing insurance process of underwriting, quoting, and binding of policies can all be done in house which in turn means faster, more specific services for your insurance needs. It is ABI’s business to understand their client’s business and this is exactly why ABI has been around for over 30 years and created such strong partnerships.

Why Autonomous Cars
Studies have shown that a computer is more of an ideal motorist than humans, this is further supported with the statistic that over 81% of car crashes are a direct result of human error. This only makes more sense when you put into consideration that there are no opportunities for a computer to be distracted by its surrounding environment. For human driven cars, most accidents are outcomes of the distractions correlated with simultaneously driving and texting or eating food. With autonomous cars, you can focus more on those things that would otherwise distract you from the road which in turn would save you time in your busy lifestyle. Not if, but when self-driving cars start to take over the roads it will improve traffic conditions exponentially because large numbers of self-driving cars mean less human errors which would result in less overall congestion.

Recap and other Pro’s for Self-Driving Vehicles:

  • Less car crashes
  • More free time
  • Less congestion
  • Higher speed limits
  • Less drunk drivers
  • Less parking concerns
  • Disabled support

ABI’s portfolio of coverages include Auto Liability, General Liability, Work Comp, Occupational Injury and Collision insurance for virtually any commercial vehicle including Truckers, Movers, and more. With their focus falling within the commercial vehicle realm they are the ideal service to contact when you make that innovative transfer from a fleet of human-driven cars to self-driven cars. You can contact ABI for a quote today by clicking on button below. Safe autonomous driving!